Please tell me y’all remember “Push Pops”, those cute fruit flavoured lollipops that were dispensed like lipstick.

The slogan “Don’t push me, push a Push Pop!” will forever be etched into my memory.

Other catch phrases included:

  • Isn’t time you pushed a Push Pop?
  • Give life a push.
  • Push a Push Pop, push it for flavor, push a Push Pop, save some for later!

Manufactured by Topps (best known for Bazooka Joe) varieties included Original, Triple Power and Push Pump Spray.

Topps didn’t stop there. They also developed the infamous “Ring Pop”, using the same brand of fruit flavoured candy shaped into a ring!

The best thing about my childhood was that I was oblivious to what a calorie was? Nowadays as soon as I eat a handful of skittles I Google how many minutes it would take to burn off at the gym.

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