With predecessors in the likes of Home Alone, Uncle Buck and My Girl it was time for Macaulay Culkin to capitalize on yet another family classic, 1994’s Richie Rich. 

Richard “Richie” Rich Jr. is the world’s wealthiest kid, the son of an Imagineer worth $70 billion he was raised with anything money can buy. With only a loyal butler as a companion, he goes in search of friends his own age. But when a plot to kill the Rich family is uncovered he puts a rescue plan into motion in order to find his lost parents with the help of some new friends.

Richie Rich grossed over $38 million in the US, cha-ching I hear you say? Think again, the film actually fell short of recouping its $40 million production budget.

However all wasn’t lost as it raked in $125 million in VHS rentals… even saying the word VHS gives me flashbacks.

Richie Rich earned a Razzie Award nomination for Macaulay Culkin as Worst Actor.

So what was the basis of its appeal? Maybe it was because I was 11 and didn’t know the difference between box-office flop and Oscar winning or maybe I was just hypnotized with the idea of having my own McDonald’s.

But Richie Rich will forever stay close to my heart… I mean every kid should be able to dream big and fantasize what they would buy if they were billionaires.

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