If ever I was on death row and I had the choice of what my last meal on Earth would be, I’d pick the the Chicken El Maco.

McDonald’s hit the jackpot when they came up with this piece dé resistance but as all good things must come to an end it eventually was phased out from the menu.

The El Maco is a burger with salsa and sour cream sauce, the meal came  with a barbecue spice mixture sachet and a paper bag which were known as shaker fries.

I would go to Micky Dees 2-3 times a week just to fulfill my El Maco cravings, the sauce was divine and I’m salivating over my keyboard just thinking about it.

I always hoped that they would bring it back even if it was just for a limited time but alas no such luck.

Please ‘like’ the following FB page: Bring Back The El Maco

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