I use to sleep with one eye opened in case I got attacked by one of these *quivers*

Troll dolls were also known as Leprechauns, Dam Dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls and Norfins (apparently they are the bringers of good luck)

I still don’t get it… how did this craze spread like pox?

According to legend, Thomas Dam a Danish woodcutter was too poor to buy his daughter a toy so instead he carved up a doll and gave it to her. She adored the doll and dressed it up thus the Troll Doll was born!

During the doll’s period of popularity in the early to mid 90s there were numerous attempts to market the concept to young boys by including action figure lines such as Troll Warriors and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trolls.

Love them or hate them, these wrinkly fluro-haired plastic figures with exaggerated features became a pop icon of the 90s.

Die hard fans even dressed them in themed costume uniforms.

Sure we can point and laugh at those who threw their hard earned pennies at collecting our pot-bellied friends but I must say I do recall myself braiding a troll on a rainy day. 

I’m pretty sure the source of my Troll paranoia stemmed from being dragged to a bingo game where I saw this creepy looking woman who reminded me of Tangina from Poltergeist.

She had dozens of trolls on her table when I walked by and accidentally bumped her army of lucky charms she growled at me and I was forever traumatized.


On a lighter note:

I just had to put this TotalLookAlike for good measure!

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