If you didn’t sport the denim overalls then you might’ve as well have committed social suicide.

We live in a cruel world where wearing the wrong brand of sneakers would make or break your street cred. 

Overalls were invented as ‘proective working wear’ but in the 90s the fashion world began to embrace them and one-piece overalls were sold as high-quality leisure wear.

Who would’ve thought Overalls would become a wardrobe must-have. Pulling off the true look would mean having one strap fastened and the other one left hanging loose. Doing so would increase your ‘cool’ factor by 66%. Wearing a shirt underneath was optional, at least for guys.

I had Shortalls which were a type of overalls and as the name suggests resembled shorts. Best worn with a backwards cap (a-la-Alex Mack up top) and a sweater tied around the waist.

Pro: practicality, easy all day wear

Con: functionality, sometimes those buckles were a bitch to un-fasten (take note when really busting to use the rest room)

If peeps like Fresh Prince, Kriss Kross and the Saved By The Bell gang were the poster children of this trend, then it was A-OK in my book.

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