“I choose you, Pikachu!” [throws Pokéball]

Pikachu is a species of Pokémon creature from the Pokémon media franchise (a collection of video games, anime, manga, books and trading cards). Within the world of the Pokémon, Pikachu is often found in houses, forests, plains and occasionally near mountains, islands, and electrical sources.

As an electric-type monster, Pikachu can store electricity in its cheeks and release it in lightning-based attacks.

Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokémon, largely because he is the central character and regarded as the official mascot. He has become an icon of the 90s and Japanese culture in recent years.

Pokémon is an animated series based on the popular electronic toy “Pocket Monster” in which children raise an electronic monster and train it to fight other monsters. In this show, Satoshi and his monster, Pikachu travel the land hoping to improve their skills and eventually become the grand champions.

Move over Hello Kitty cos this little guy was the new marketer’s dream! Pikachu’s face was plastered on every piece of merchandise you can think of… from lunch boxes to key chains.

Somehow (against my will) I was dragged to watch the movie adaptation of Pokémon in ’97, one word – painful.

I was so irritated by Pika’s voice (squeaks more rather) that I kept trying to zone out.

The only glimmer of hope was anticipating S2M’s “Don’t Say You Love Me” which (fingers crossed) would play during the end credits.

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