The film was the acting debut of Grammy winning R&B singer Whitney Houston and the soundtrack includes karaoke favourite “I Will Always Love You.”

The Bodyguard is a 1992 romantic thriller about a former Secret Service Agent (Kevin Costner) turned bodyguard hired to protect a high profile music star (Houston).

The movie received mixed reviews:

Owen Gleibermann, of Entertainment Weekly negatively reviewed the film, stating “To say that Houston and Costner fail to strike sparks would be putting it mildly. The movie gives us these two self-contained celebrity icons working hard to look as if they want each other. It’s like watching two statues attempting to mate.”

However, other critics praised the film, such as Roger Ebert, who gave the film three out of four stars, remarking “The movie does contain a love story, but it’s the kind of guarded passion that grows between two people who spend a lot of time keeping their priorities straight.”

I would’ve been 9 when The Bodyguard  was released in cinemas but it wasn’t until a few years down the track that I rented it on video.

Is my X chromosome to blame to as why I found this movie entertaining? I mean if I saw this in the bargain bin for $6.99 I’d buy it.

Mediocre acting aside I find myself hypnotized by Whit’s eyebrows and wanting to watch more.

The damsel in distress sub-plot never ceases to fail audiences and the way Costner carries Houston in the film is echoed in many mainstream parodies such as The Simpsons, 30 Rock & Bulletproof.

The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album became the best-selling soundtrack of all time. It has been certified diamond in the US (sales of at least ten million) with shipments of over 17 million copies.

Two songs from the film, “I Run To You” and “I Have Nothing” were nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. The film was also nominated for four Grammy Awards winning three, including Album of the Year.

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