I know they say regret nothing but this rage was just ridonkulous.

I mean necklaces with your name on a grain of rice… c’mon kids what we’re we thinking?

Rice Writing is the art and skill of being able to write small enough on a  grain of rice. Within time rice writing and rice art evolved, soon creating Rice Jewelry where the rice grain was enclosed in a vial with a liquid/oil that magnifies the individual grain making it easier to appreciate the painstaking and intricate details.

This went further with Rice Jewelry like good luck pendants, charm bracelets, anklets and earrings. In modern times most of these artisans and artists set up shop with street side stalls where they would personally write your message or name on a rice grain while displaying your wares.

Rice Writing originated in Ancient Anatolia and India. Many rituals and rites use rice as a medium, but at some point in ancient Anatolia artisans who were skilled in making miniature paintings decided to turn their skill to making art with what had always been an ancient symbol of prosperity.

Most modern day rice writers use the following tools:

  1. Common long grain white rice: this rice is a flat cylinder shape
  2. Sharp utility knife: used to scrape the rice slightly to remove ridges to provide a smooth surface for writing
  3. Clay: some people use a utility gripper clay and others use a modeling clay
  4. Technical pen: a drawing pen with an ultra-fine tip.
  5. Waterproof Ink: ink is sold with the technical pen

I’m going to convince myself that I was ‘conned’ into buying a rice necklace from a seemingly innocent, sweet talking lil’ ol lady from the mall.

I can’t remember how much I paid exactly for this piece of junk but I’m pretty sure I parted ways with a $20 bill.

I know I’m Asian but did I really need a glow-in-the-dark grain of rice with my name on it? Damn you lil’ ol lady! [shakes fist]

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