A true dancefloor icon performed by every Gen Yer while watching MTV.

The Running Man is a street & fad dance that originated in late 1986 early 1987 and was performed most notably by MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice during their live concert shows and music videos.

It achieved  renewed popularity in the early naughties and has inspired the Melbourne Shuffle dance style. It consists of a hopping or sliding step done in such a way at speed to simulate a runner.

2008 saw the re-release of “Something Good” by the Utah Saints. The video set in 1989, comically suggests that the Running Man craze started in Cardiff, Wales. It features many people dancing the Running Man and ends with the “rights” to the dance being signed over to MC Hammer under duress.

The Running Man dance is also popular in PS Home for PlayStation 3 where people line their avatars up in long train lines and perform the dance.

Will Smith performed the running man in Drums and dance as his old title, Fresh Prince.


Who cares about the booty pop this was the ultimate way to impress the guys… haha must explain why I’m single.

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