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Blossom is an American sitcom broadcast on NBC from January 3, 1991 to May 22, 1995. The series stars Mayim Bialik as Blossom Russo, a teenage girl living with her father and two brothers.

The series began with Blossom’s mother having left the family to pursue her own life and career, the show concentrated on the family’s attempts to adjust.



Blossom’s father, Nick a session musician who was frequently between gigs and tours, was played by Ted Wass.

Her oldest brother Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who eventually became a paramedic.

Joey (Joey Lawrence), the other brother is a fairly stereotypical “dumb jock” known for the drawn-out delivery of his catchphrase, “Whoa!

Blossom’s best friend Six LeMeure (Jenna von Oÿ) also plays a significant part in her life. Six, an especially fast talker, was best known for her tendency to ramble.

If you wanna see Mayim Bialik all grown up and not wearing those ridiculous girlfriend hats check out “The Big Bang Theory.”



An after school cartoon favorite.

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers is an animated TV series produced by Walt Disney. Created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove, it featured the established Disney characters Chip n Dale in a new setting.

In the fall of 1989, the series was syndicated from September 18. In 1990, as a part of the Disney Afternoon line up, reruns of the show were aired until September 3, 1993.

Chip and Dale, two chipmunks with a nose for trouble, start a detective agency (Rescue Rangers) along with their new friends Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper.

The pint-sized detectives deal with crimes that are often “too small” for the police to handle, usually with other animals as their clients.

The gang frequently finds itself going up against two particular archvillains: Mafia-style tabby cat Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul.


I wanted to be a contestant on this show. BAD! 

Prolly would’ve ended in a blood bath since I suck at sports.

American Gladiators is an American competition TV program that aired from September 1989 to May 1995.

The series matched a cast of amateur athletes against each other, as well as against the show’s own gladiators in contests of strength and agility.

The concept was created by Dan Carr and John C. Ferraro, who held the original competition at Erie Tech High School in Erie, Pennsylvania.  They sold the show to The Samuel Goldwyn Company/MGM where the concept was enhanced and became American Gladiators.

An effort in 2004 to launch a live American Gladiators show on the Las Vegas Strip became mired in a securities fraud prosecution. However, TV series was restarted in 2008. Episodes from the original series were played on ESPN Classic from 2007 to 2009. Several episodes are available for download on Apple’s iTunes Service.


Ever try to use the escalator at the shopping plaza as your very own Travelator? 


“We’re tiny, we’re toony. We’re all a lil’ loony!”

Steven Spielberg presents Tiny Toon Adventures, an animated TV series it began production as a result of Warner Bros. reinstating its animation studio in 1989 after a decade of dormancy. During the 1980s, the new studio only worked on revivals of the classic characters; meaning that Tiny Toon Adventures was the first of many original animated series from the studio.

Tiny Toon Adventures was a cartoon set in the fictional town of Acme Acres, where most of the Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes characters live. The characters attended Acme Looniversity, a school whose faculty primarily consists of the mainstays of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons, such as Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Sylvester Wile E. Coyote and Elmer.

In the series, the university was founded to teach cartoon characters how to become funny. The school is not featured in every episode as not all of its storylines are centered around the school.

Like the Looney Tunes the series was derived from cartoon violence (anvils falling on someone, liberal use of explosives) and slapstick. The series parodied and referenced the current events of the early 1990s and Hollywood culture. Occasionally, episodes would delve into veiled ethical and morality stories of ecology, self-esteem and crime.


The two main characters are both rabbits: Buster Bunny (a blue male rabbit) and Babs Bunny (a pink female rabbit).

Other major characters in the cast are generally non-human as well, these include:

  • Plucky Duck (a green male duck)
  • Hampton J. Pig (a pink male pig)
  • Fifi La Fume (a purple-and-white female skunk)
  • Shirley the Loon (a white female loon)
  • Dizzy Devil (a purple Tasmanian devil)
  • Furrball (a blue cat)
  • Calamity Coyote (a bluish-gray coyote)
  • Gogo Dodo (a dodo)


It’s the show that turned Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Amber Thiessen into teenage heart throbs.

It was the Gen Y’s answer to Glee minus the random breaking out into song.

Saved By The Bell was a US sitcom set at Bayside High School. The series is a re-tooled version of the 1988 series Good Morning, Miss Bliss which was itself later folded into the history of Saved by the Bell. The series followed the exploits of several students along with their principal.  

The Baysiders were made up of the usual suspects:

  • Cool kid trouble maker Zach Morris
  • The jock AC Slater
  • Resident nerd Screech Powers
  • Teen dream Kelly Kapowski
  • Gossip queen Lisa Turtle
  • Feminisit & straight A student Jessie Spano

The show brought fame to the SBTB kids however many were typecast for many years to follow. No surprise there.

The show often incorporated dramatic elements into episodes by dealing with real teen issues such as friendship, drug use, driving under the influence, homelessness, financial issues, divorce, graduation, college, sibling rivalry, bullying, death and environmental issues.  

The show’s popularity allowed for two spin-off series: SBTB: The College Years, a prime time series which followed several of the original characters’ college experiences and SBTB: The New Class. 

The series also spawned two TV movies and a short-lived comic book series. Although it received extremely negative critical reception, it became the highest-rated show on NBC.

Is there nothing TV can’t teach us? SBTB opened the doors for more risque shows like 90210, Dawson’s Creek and The OC to introduce young target audiences to critical moral matters.

SBTB had me rooting for Slater and Jessie to live happily ever after.

After the piss poor attempt of a movie about Zach & Kelly’s Hawaiian wedding I knew it was the end of the era.

Especially the fact that Elizabeth Berkley only had a few scenes due to her big screen commitment to Showgirls which flopped. No surprises there.



Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story… [throws powder onto the fire] Was I the only one who wanted to be a member of the Midnight Society?

Produced by Nickelodeon, Are You Afraid Of The Dark was about a group of kids (the Midnight Society) who get together in the woods and tell ghost stories around a camp fire.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?  was aired from August 15, 1992 to April 20, 1996.

The actual story, rather than the telling, was displayed to the television viewer. The story was shown between the group’s arrival at the site and their departure.

Each storyteller would begin their story by saying “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…” at which point they would toss out a handful of regular sugar (which the characters referred to as ‘midnight dust’) from a leather pouch into a campfire to heighten the flames and produce an eerie white smoke.

The storyteller would continue by announcing its title (The Tale of…)

The themes of the stories usually revolves around a variety of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, goblins, magic, dragons, haunted houses, magical curses, aliens, witches, vampires and the like coming into contact with average youths.

This show got me interested in the supernatural and horror genre. Although quite tame compared to teen slasher films I still can’t help myself opening a tube of Pringles and sitting down to watch a AYFOTD marathon.

Thanks Nickelodeon!


What team makes recycling sound totes awesome? Why if it isn’t Captain Planet and the Planeteers of course!

Who would’ve thought that an American animated TV show would resonate so well with kids. Captain Planet is a form of edutainment and advocates environmentalism.

Gaia (voiced by my fave comedian Whoopi Goldberg) is the spirit of the Earth and is awakened from a long sleep. She sends five magic rings, four with the power to control an element of nature and one controlling the element of Heart to five chosen youths across the globe.

These five are dubbed the Planeteers and are tasked with defending the Earth from the greatest of disasters and making efforts to educate mankind.

Gaia uses her “Planet Vision” to discover where the most devastating destruction is occurring and sends the Planeteers to help solve the problem.

In situations that the Planeteers cannot resolve alone, they can combine their powers to summon Captain Planet, a magical entity who possesses all of their powers magnified, symbolizing the premise that the combined efforts of a team are stronger than its individual parts. He is able to rearrange his molecular structure to transform himself into the various powers and elements of nature.

Kwame: from Ghana, Africa possesses the power of Earth. He has a soft spot for plant life. Growing up in a tribe in his homeland he is at one with the land and its purpose and does what he can to preserve it.

Wheeler: from Brooklyn, New York Wheeler controls the power of Fire. He is the street-smart comic relief for the group who, while having his heart in the right place, tends to get himself into tight spots when acting impulsively.

Linka: from the Soviet Union, Linka has the power of Wind. Linka closely studies bird life and due to this is extremely emotional when pollution harms them. She is a master of strategy and logic, as well as a computer expert.

Gi: hailing from Thailand, Gi controls the power of Water. Gi is a self-proclaimed marine biologist. Her compassion for sea life contributes to the overall effort of the Planeteers’ protection of animals becoming extremely emotional when pollution affects them, especially dolphins. She also often works on the mechanical and forensic aspects for the team.

Ma-Ti: from the Amazon rain-forests Brazil Ma-Ti uses the power of Heart to instill caring, passion, and sympathy into the people of the world to care for the planet. He can also use this power to communicate with animals telepathically.

Captain Planet theme song

With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!

Captain Planet, he’s our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero
He’s our powers magnified
And he’s fighting on the planet side

Captain Planet, he’s our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero
Gonna help him put us under
Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

“You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!”

We’re the Planeteers
You can be one too
‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do
Looting and polluting is not the way
Hear what Captain Planet has to say:

“The power is yours!”


I think Ma-Ti got the short end of the stick… c’mon now. HEART a super power? You can’t blow anything up with that shiz.

Meanwhile I’ve got my own problems… just because I was the token Asian of the group I would always have to play Gi.

Just as bad when playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I always had to play “yellow” ranger.