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All generations experiment with changing their hair colour but in the 90s to change your hair colour was regarded more as fashionable choice rather than to cover those stubborn greys.

Thanks to music videos that oozed sex appeal we all went out to the chemist to either buy a bottle of spray on “sun-in” or to be a bit more extreme a packet of Fudge Paintbox.

Fudge was a brand of creative colour conditioning that electrified dull hair for a total colour transformation. Paintbox is semi-permanent creative colour and lasts between 3 and 30 washes.

It was the ‘balayage’ for us Gen Ys and pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Aaliyah were the leaders of the pack, dying the tips of their locks.

Phew! Less re-growth.



Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘S’

A Scrunchie is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie, commonly used to fasten long hair.Rommy Revson patented the design in 1994, they come in large, elaborate styles and diminutive, unassuming forms are available in many different colors, fabrics, and designs. 

Popularized by Stephanie Tanner from US TV sitcom “Full House”


When it comes to Scrunchies the bigger the better and the brighter the better. You’d tie your hair as high as you could either parted on the side or dead centre.

You can never had too many at your disposal and even though I’d be wearing one in my hair I use to have one spare tied around my wrist.



I use to sleep with one eye opened in case I got attacked by one of these *quivers*

Troll dolls were also known as Leprechauns, Dam Dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls and Norfins (apparently they are the bringers of good luck)

I still don’t get it… how did this craze spread like pox?

According to legend, Thomas Dam a Danish woodcutter was too poor to buy his daughter a toy so instead he carved up a doll and gave it to her. She adored the doll and dressed it up thus the Troll Doll was born!

During the doll’s period of popularity in the early to mid 90s there were numerous attempts to market the concept to young boys by including action figure lines such as Troll Warriors and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trolls.

Love them or hate them, these wrinkly fluro-haired plastic figures with exaggerated features became a pop icon of the 90s.

Die hard fans even dressed them in themed costume uniforms.

Sure we can point and laugh at those who threw their hard earned pennies at collecting our pot-bellied friends but I must say I do recall myself braiding a troll on a rainy day. 

I’m pretty sure the source of my Troll paranoia stemmed from being dragged to a bingo game where I saw this creepy looking woman who reminded me of Tangina from Poltergeist.

She had dozens of trolls on her table when I walked by and accidentally bumped her army of lucky charms she growled at me and I was forever traumatized.


On a lighter note:

I just had to put this TotalLookAlike for good measure!


We all remember Rachel Green as the spoiled daddy’s-girl from the US sitcom Friends portrayed by Jennifer Aniston but do we remember racing out to the salons with a magazine cut out of those fashion locks known as “the Rachel” or perhaps we’d rather forget?

Hairstylist Chris McMillan created the cut using bouncy and square layers, The Rachel made its debut in season one of Friends. 

It was a fashion hit becoming very popular among women however Aniston admitted hating the do:

“Have there been disasters? I think that’s a very relative term with hair. Let’s say there have been moments I’d rather not relive, like that whole Rachel thing.

I love Chris [McMillan, her hairstylist], and he’s the vane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look.

How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs?

Let’s just say I’m not a fan of short, layered cuts on me personally, so I don’t love revisiting that particular era.”

I hear ya sista… I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t have the cheek bones or the chiseled chin of a Greek Goddess to pull off these layers. I now declare my haircut experimentation days over!