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Today, I’m spending Valentine’s Day eating last year’s Halloween candy while watching the Biggest Loser. FML.



A true power couple of the 90s… Cory & Topanga from “Boy Meets World.”

If you remember growing up with the life lessons of Cory Matthews (played by Ben Saveage) you’ll have remember his journey wasn’t complete without his sweetheart Topanga Lawrence (played by Danielle Fishel). Boy Meets World aired for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000.

Cornelius A. “Cory” Matthews is the main character of the show. In the early seasons of the show he is portrayed as a slacker who is intelligent and capable, but does not pay attention in class. Throughout the later years his “slacker” tendencies diminish, and instead he seems more neurotic. 

From season 2 onward, Cory openly expresses his feelings for Topanga. It is explained in ‘A Long Walk to Pittsburgh’ that although he teased her during the first season, “she was the girl [he] sat up at night thinking about.”

Despite his strong feelings for Topanga, he still has strong attractions to other women and has been unfaithful to Topanga on a few occasions. He had his first kiss with Topanga in season 1 episode, ‘Cory’s Alternative Friends’ and in the 7th season they got married.

Topanga Lawrence Matthews is Cory’s girlfriend and later wife. Like many characters in the show her personality changes as the show progresses. However, her change is probably the most drastic. From the first season to the second, she changes from an eccentric hippie with interests in the supernatural phenomena to a calm and collected, mature teenaged girl.

Topanga’s only romantic relationship for the duration of the show is with Cory. She proposes to Cory during their high school graduation and they marry during their sophomore year of college.

Throughout the relationship, Topanga is generally the realist to Cory’s idealist. When her parents get divorced, she is plagued by doubts and insecurities about their own relationship.

I was more of a “Shaun & Angela” fan and I loved how they’re romance blossomed and seemed so much more realistic than Cory & Topanga’s relationship because they actually had real problems and real break-ups.

However Cory was the main man of Boy Meets World and as much as his ‘unconditional love’ for Topanga made me gag Disney kept shoveing that sugar-coated moon pie fairy tale romance down my throat giving me but no option but to eat it up.


Woohoo! My confectionary of choice when going to the cinema…

Ouch! is a type of sugar-free bubble gum made by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company under the Hubba Bubba brand name.

The gum had previously been available in the flavors o grape, watermelon and strawberry.

Each stick of gum was wrapped with wrapping made to look like a bandage and was packaged in a container similar to that of a bandage box.

Another type of candy dispensed in a novelty form just because it made it more fun.

Watermelon was the shiz and I remember collecting the tins so I can put the most random things in them like real band-aids?


Warheads is a brand of sour candy manufactured by Impact Confections and proved to be very popular, especially with children in 1999. 

Their strong sour flavor is derived primarily from malic acid which is applied as a coating to the outside of the small, hard candies.

The intense sour flavor fades after about 20 to 40 seconds. The hard candy itself contains the somewhat less sour ascorbic acid and citric acid. 

At the center of the hard candies is a small pocket of more malic acid.

Warheads are marketed as an “extreme” candy.

The name “Warheads” comes from the notion that the sour taste of the candies is akin to a real warhead going off in one’s mouth and the brand’s mascot, Wally Warheads is depicted as a boy with puckered lips and a small mushroom cloud emanating from the top of his head.

A driving force behind the candy’s popularity were informal competitions among schoolchildren to determine who could withstand eating the largest number of Warheads at once.

A warning is now included on Warheads packaging, as follows:

“WARNING: Eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths.”

Cheap as chips, one Warhead candy was sold for 5cents at the corner store.

My friends and I would dare each other to eat the “HOT” Torture Sorchers, dumbest idea ever!


I’m beginning to think kids of the 90s preferred to wear their food rather than eat it.

My weakness for “Candy Necklace” is another prime example why I’m truly a kid at heart.

These bad boys would cost about 0.25 cents which made it affordable to have it on a weekly basis.

They were bliss on a string even though they had this weird chalky after taste.

I don’t exactly agree how hygienic they would’ve been to wear them around your neck all day and then eventually eat them but I seem to have grown up just fine.

As part of the candy accessory range there were also: candy bracelets, candy watches and the seasonal candy cross.